FAQ: how To Write A General Aviation Service Bulletin?

What are the information included in Service Bulletin?

A service bulletin contains a recommendation from the manufacturer with which it believes the aircraft owner should comply and that often reflects a safety of flight issue that the manufacturer believes should be addressed within a certain time frame. It may result from an improvement developed by the manufacturer.

What is a service bulletin in aviation?

Service Bulletins (SB) are notices to aircraft operators from a manufacturer notifying them of a product improvement. Alert service bulletins are issued by the manufacturer when a condition exists that the manufacturer feels is a safety related item as opposed to just a product improvement.

Are service bulletins FAA approved?

Since service bulletins aren’t mandated by the FAA unless the aircraft is operating under 14 CFR Parts 121 or 135 or attached to an AD, additional inspections, repairs and replacement parts may not be needed in order to improve the safety of the flight or keep the aircraft airworthy.

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Where can I find service bulletins in aviation?

To locate, view, and download individual bulletins, search the SAIB database in the FAA Regulatory and Guidance Library. For more information on SAIBs, contact the Delegation Procedures Branch.

What is the major difference between an ad and service letters and bulletins?

The bottom line? Compliance with an A.D. is exclusively mandatory; compliance with a S.B. is not mandatory unless the service bulletin includes or is accompanied by an airworthiness directive.

What is the difference between a service bulletin and a service letter?

Service Information Letters (SIL): This category includes all information that may be of use to the owner, operator or maintainer of the aircraft. If a service bulletin is not an alert service bulletin or a bulletin referenced in an AD, it becomes optional and may or may not be incorporated by the operator.

Who is responsible for airworthiness?

That responsibility clearly belongs to the aircraft owner: 14 CFR 91.403(a): The owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining that aircraft in an airworthy condition, including compliance with part 39 of this chapter [ Airworthiness Directives].

What are the two types of Airworthiness Directives?

Types of Airworthiness Directives (ADs)

  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking ( NPRM ), followed by a Final Rule.
  • Final Rule; Request for Comments.
  • Emergency ADs.

What is a Boeing service bulletin?

A Service Bulletin is the document used by manufacturers of aircraft, their engines or their components to communicate details of modifications which can be embodied in aircraft.

Are airworthiness directives mandatory?

An Airworthiness Directive (commonly abbreviated as AD) is a notification to owners and operators of certified aircraft that a known safety deficiency with a particular model of aircraft, engine, avionics or other system exists and must be corrected. Thus, it is mandatory for an aircraft operator to comply with an AD.

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WHO issues a service bulletin?

A Service Bulletin (S.B.) is a notice to an aircraft operator from the Aircraft Engine or component manufacturer informing of a product change or improvement. An alert service bulletin is issued when an unsafe condition shows up that the manufacturer believes to be a safety related.

Are service bulletins mandatory for experimental aircraft?

Service bulletins are not mandatory on any experimental aircraft. They are required on SLSA. E-LSA and E-AB, anyone can do any and all maintenance, mods, etc. The repairman certificate only allows for the sign off of the condition inspection.

Where can I find service bulletins?

In search of service bulletins

  • Go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.
  • Enter the year, make and model of your car, truck or van.
  • Note exactly when your vehicle was made, which you can find from a sticker on the driver’s door frame or door edge.

What is airworthiness directives in aviation?

Airworthiness Directives ( AD s) are legally enforceable regulations issued by the FAA in accordance with 14 CFR part 39 to correct an unsafe condition in a product. Part 39 defines a product as an aircraft, engine, propeller, or appliance.

Is a service bulletin the same as a recall?

What’s The Difference Between a TSB and a Recall? Sometimes a TSB is confused with a recall. The main difference is that a recall is issued by a vehicle manufacturer for issues that are safety-related, while a TSB covers components that may be malfunctioning but don’t compromise the safety of the vehicle.

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