FAQ: What Does Vtf Mean In Aviation?

What does Vtf stand for?


Acronym Definition
VTF Video Toaster File (file extension)
VTF Virtual Target Folder
VTF Video Teleconferencing Facilities
VTF Video Task Force (various organizations)


What is SD in aviation?

SD. Serial Dialing. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What does TRS mean in aviation?

TRS Aircraft Abbreviation

1 TRS Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron RAF, Air Force, Armed Forces
1 TRs Thrust Reversers Aviation, Technology, Military
1 TRS Time to Remove from the Sequence Technology, Aviation, Airway

What does Vtf mean on mail?

· 1y. City Carrier. Unable to forward. We have to put an endorsement for why we return mail. UTF is one we can use.

What is Tx in aviation?

TX. Indicator for Maximum Temperature. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What does EET stand for in aviation?

Estimated Entry Time ( aviation ) EET.

What does ANK mean?

ANK means attempted not known…in other words you sent a letter to someone using an address you had but that person no longer lives there.

What does ANK mean on mail?

Although never written out, the initials ANK represent “Address Not Known.”

What does RTS mean on mail?

Return to sender ( RTS ) is a designation for undeliverable-as-addressed mail that cannot be forwarded because no active change-of-address order is on file. RTS is also used for mail that cannot be delivered because of an incorrect or nonexistent address, and mail that is refused by the recipient.

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