Often asked: How Much Does An Aviation Station Manager With Delta Global Services Make?

How much does a DGS station manager make?

How much does a Station Manager at DAL Global Services make? The typical DAL Global Services Station Manager salary is $52,930. Station Manager salaries at DAL Global Services can range from $47,206 – $121,730.

What does Delta Global Services pay?

Delta Global Services Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Ramp Agent Range:$9 – $16 Average:$12
Customer Service Agent Range:$8 – $17 Average:$12
Aerospace Engineer Range:$14 – $46 (Estimated *) Average:-
Operations Supervisor Range:$11 – $30 (Estimated *) Average:-

How much does a global manager make?

Global managers in the United States make an average salary of $105,712 per year or $50.82 per hour. In terms of salary range, an entry level global manager salary is roughly $74,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $149,000.

How much does a airline manager make?

Salary Ranges for Airline Managers The salaries of Airline Managers in the US range from $50,840 to $149,770, with a median salary of $75,473. The middle 50% of Airline Managers makes between $67,314 and $75,446, with the top 83% making $149,770.

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Does Delta Global Services get flight benefits?

You get Flight benefits, paid training, weekly pay, and medical and dental insurance if you work 20 hours a week or more. You also get a couple days of leave if you work 20 hours or more per week.

What is the highest paid job in the airport?

The 20 Highest – Paying Aviation Jobs in the World

  • Airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic (tie)
  • Air marshal.
  • Airport manager.
  • Aviation safety inspector.
  • Aerospace engineer.
  • Air traffic controller. Average salary: $122,990 (£88,290)
  • Flight instructor (tie) Average salary: $137,330 (£98,590)
  • Airline pilot (tie) Average salary: $137,330 (£98,590)

What does a global manager do?

A global manager is defined by the work he or she is doing, frequently within a company with global presence or operations. A global manager is responsible for managing teams of employees or business operations across diverse cultures and time zones, which calls for new skill sets and capabilities.

What does a global program manager do?

Coordinate with all cross functional team and develop enhancements to various global programs and administer everyday activities across multiple projects.

What can you do with a global management degree?

In-Demand International Business Careers

  • Management Analyst. 2017 Median Pay: $82,450.
  • Marketing Manager. 2017 Median Pay: $129,380.
  • Executive. 2017 Median Pay: $104,700.
  • Human Resources Manager. 2017 Median Pay: $110,120.
  • Financial Analyst. 2017 Median Pay: $84,300.
  • Economist. 2017 Median Pay: $102,490.
  • Policy Analyst.

Is aviation a hard major?

Curriculum. The curriculum of an aviation concentrated degree can be tough for some international students. This degree is very technical in nature. Aviation administration degrees will have a lot of courses in business, such as Management, Accounting, Corporate Finance and International Business.

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Which airline has the highest paid flight attendants?

10 Airlines With The Highest Paid Flight Attendants In The United States

  • United Airlines – $54,600.
  • Alaska Airlines – $52,000.
  • JetBlue – $46,000.
  • Spirit – $43,000.
  • Allegiant Air – $43,000.
  • Frontier – $42,000.
  • American Airlines – $40,000.
  • SkyWest – $38,000. This airline largely serves as a contractor for other larger airlines.

Does aviation management pay well?

Due to the fact that an aviation manager is such an important job, the salary for this career is well above average. Typically, aviation managers make around $167,000 a year. You can start out making around $138,000 and make up to around $211,000.

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