Often asked: John Travolta Jumbolair Aviation Estate Cost How Much?

How much does John Travolta’s plane cost?

John Travolta • Inside his $5,000,000 Boeing 707 Jet • N707JT

Name: John Travolta
Jet Type: Boeing 707
Year: 1964
Jet S/N: 18740
Price: $5 million

Who lives in Jumbolair Aviation Estates?

The private aviation community where John Travolta and his family resides is now up for sale. It is called Jumbolair and it is a very exclusive gated community. It contains a private runway, seven aircraft hangers, a mansion, and a 550-acre residence community.

Does Travolta own jumbolair?

Just a year or so later, Travolta purchased property at Jumbolair. By 2003, he was Marion County’s most famous resident. Travolta was one of the first residents in the new Jumbolair Aviation Estates. Travolta told the Star-Banner that he and his late wife, Kelly Preston, wanted a private place to raise their children.

Who owns jumbolair airport?

Frank Merschman owns and operates Jumbolair. The airport has two runways: 18/36 with an asphalt pavement measuring 7,550 x 210 ft (2,301 x 64 m) and 9/27 with a grass surface measuring 3,640 x 100 ft (1,109 x 30 m).

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Does Tom Cruise own a jet?

Tom Cruise also owns a Gulfstream IV, which is one of the most beautiful jets anyone can own. A brand new Gulfstream IV costs about $20 million. The plane is also fully fitted with a Jacuzzi and a screening room.

How much is John Travolta’s net worth?

So between the movie millions and the vast homes, Travolta’s full net worth is $250 million at the time of this writing, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What kind of plane does John Travolta have?

According to an interview Travolta conducted with Business Jet Traveler, he purchased a Bombardier Challenger 601. Travolta has the certification needed to operate 11 types of jets. The Challenger and a Boeing 707 are two of the most notable planes he has owned.

How long is the runway at Jumbolair?

The Jumbolair Airport runway is 7,550 feet long, paved and lighted.

How much does a Boeing 707 cost?

Boeing 707
Number built 1,010
Unit cost US$4.3 million (1955 dollars) US$36.5 million (2012 dollars)
Developed from Boeing 367-80
Variants Boeing 720 Boeing C-137 Stratoliner


How much land does Travolta own?

John Travolta ‘s home is impressive in more ways than one. Aside from having its very own airport, the Grease actor’s Florida estate is nearly 7,000 square feet and sits on more than 19.5 acres.

Does John Travolta still work for Qantas?

7 John Travolta Has Been An Ambassador For Qantas Airlines Since 2002. John Travolta has worked as an Ambassador for Qantas Airlines since 2002, Yahoo! reports. He has worked closely with the company for decades, and this is something he is very proud of.

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How did Kelly Preston die?

Actress Kelly Preston dies of breast cancer at 57.

How did John Travolta make his money?

After reviewing Travolta’s impressive history in television initially and then in film, it’s not hard to see that he earned his fortune through his acting career. John Travolta has had a few different high points in his career. He’s still working on projects and making films.

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