Question: What Is To Indication Mean Aviation?

What is CDI in a plane?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A course deviation indicator ( CDI ) is an avionics instrument used in aircraft navigation to determine an aircraft’s lateral position in relation to a course to or from a radio navigation beacon.

What is aircraft HSI?

The horizontal situation indicator (commonly called the HSI ) is an aircraft flight instrument normally mounted below the artificial horizon in place of a conventional heading indicator. It combines a heading indicator with a VHF omnidirectional range-instrument landing system (VOR-ILS) display.

How does an HSI work?

The HSI works by combining a VOR/DME receiver and an electrically-slaved heading indicator. (Not all HSIs are slaved but the HSIs in the Flight Simulator aircraft are.) The heading indicator shows the aircraft’s magnetic heading and its green pointer shows the course the pilot has selected.

What are the abbreviations used in airlines?

Aviation abbreviations and acronyms

Acronym Meaning Source
AAD Assigned altitude deviation AIS
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor
AAIS Automatic aerodrome information service AIS
AAL Above aerodrome level AIS


What does RNAV stand for?

RNAV stands for Area Navigation. RNAV: Capability to fly any desired flight path, defined by waypoints such as geographic fixes. (LAT/LONG) and not necessarily by ground navaids.

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What does slaved HSI mean?

The Horizontal Situation Indicator ( HSI ) instrument display combines continuously slaved aircraft heading information and VOR/LOC/GPS/GS displays in one unit.

How do you use aircraft HSI?

With the HSI display, the pilot flies the aircraft towards the steering bar until the steering bar moves to the course selector. At that point you’re on the radial, so you turn the aircraft to the desired course. In a no-wind situation, this would be 330°.

What is the difference between VOR and HSI?

Whereas a traditional CDI will only show your deviation to a given VOR radial, an HSI will show both your present heading and lateral position in relation to a VOR radial or GPS course line and doesn’t have the potential for reverse sensing.

What is slaved gyro?

[′slāvd ′jī·rō mag′ned·ik ′käm·pəs] (navigation) A directional gyro compass with an input from a flux valve to keep the gyro oriented to magnetic north.

What is a VOR used for?

The Very High-Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range ( VOR ) system is used for air navigation. Though older than GPS, VORs have been a reliable and common source of navigation information since the 1960s, and they still serve as a useful navigational aid for many pilots without GPS services.

What is the full form of plane?

Acronym. Definition. PLANE. Plasma Local Anomalous Noise Environment. PLANE.

What does N stand for in aviation?

Where do N -numbers come from? The U.S. received the ” N ” as its nationality designator under the International Air Navigation Convention, held in 1919. The Convention prescribed an aircraft -marking scheme of a single letter indicating nationality followed by a hyphen and four identity letters (for example, G-REMS).

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What does CTC mean in aviation?

CTC. Cabin Temperature Controller. Engineering, Technology, Aircraft.

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